Q&A Ayurveda

Q&A 🌷Thank you everyone for your questions. 
1. Why did you choose ayurveda and ashtangayoga?

Ayurveda made me understand myself which gave me knowledge and that made me brave enough to turn my life around. Ayurveda gives me hope. Everything that comes can also go. Ashtanga both saved me and changed me. Everyday my practice challenges me to look at myself. I would never want to live without this practice.

2. What is your best ayurveda summer tip?
Coconut. It is so versitale and is extremly cooling on a hot summer day. Drink it, use it as massage oil from head to toe (always shower afterwards), sprinkle cocochips on food, dessert and use it in your daily cooking.

3. How can I find balance?
Well, balance comes and goes but if we know and understand how to find it, the times we are out of balance it will be easier to find our way back. My best tip is to look at the ayurvedic cycle (dygnsrytm) as a start.

4. Why do we fall out of balance (health)?
Mostly it depends on our lifestyle. The things we do in terms of food, exercise, work, how we think, feel, stress and more. Surroundings also affect us. This means we need to make sure that we understand what it is we need in terms of food, exercise, work, surroundings and more to feel good. Note that sometimes life happens and we fall out of balance eventhough we are doing our very best. 

5. What are the most common imbalances in each dosha?
This is a big question since there are many. But I will take the imbalances we suffer from most in today's society. Exhaustion (utmattning) most common in Vata. Brunt-out (utbränd) most common in Pitta. Depression most common in Kapha. See an ayurvedic doctor or advisor for further help.

Happy sunday ☀️🦋


Jasmin Hedlund