Ayurveda Friday - Ghee

Ayurveda Friday means another yummy recepie. Today we will learn to make ghee, clarified butter, used both in food but also as medicine in Ayurveda. This is good for all doshas and even vegans can use this. Melt unsalted butter over low heat in an uncovered pot with high sides. Make sure the pot is completely dry before adding the butter, and allow some room at the top for the butter to bubble up and foam.
Turn the heat as low as possible and cook the butter until it is clear and golden. The solids may brown, but watch that they don’t burn. Check the butter frequently. The finishing point to look for is when the liquid is clear and golden in color. If it starts to darken, remove from the heat.
Line a large sieve with 3 layers of clean cloth. Set it over a pot and pour the ghee through it while still hot. Carefully transfer the ghee to clean glass jars with lids

Jasmin Hedlund