Ayurveda Friday - Ice Creme Pitta

redag är Ayurveda med Health by Jasmin - Idag Ayurveda inspirerad glass som är för Pitta. Vad som gör den ayurvedisk är att lägga till kryddor som hjälper matsmältningen och bryter upp slem (glass innehåller dessa Kapha egenskaper naturligt). Inget raffinerat socker. Njut!
1. Blanda kardemumma, kanel, grädde, sharkara socker, rosevatten
2. Värm ingredienserna över låg värme tills sockret är upplöst och det börjar puttra. Vispa snabbt i en minut
3. Kyl alla ingredienser i kylskåpet i 30 minuter
4. Placera nu i frysen och rör om var femton minuter tills glass är frusen
5. När glassen är nästan färdig, lägg i mandel. Servera i frysta skålar och garnera med kanderad ingefära och lite amalaki pulver


Ayurveda Monday - Low blood pressure

Ayurveda Måndag
Dagens tips är hur vi kan hantera lågt blodtryck i Ayurvedan. Det ger ofta en känsla av att inte vara i denna verklighet, svindel, snurriga, svimma, att vara trötta eller i en berg och dalbana av energi. Lågt blodtryck är vanligast i Vata Dosha, som redan tillhör dem lätta och rörliga elementen luft och ether. 
Drick 1glas granatäppeljuice varje dag under Vata tid 14.00-18.00 under hela hösten och vintern. Gärna tillsammans med en Vata kost (se blogg) och du kommer känna skillnaden. Trevlig Måndag!


Ayurveda Monday - Digestion Ginger Tea

Today's Ayurvedic Tip is Ginger Tea 🍵Great for helping putting the fire back in our digestion and also for cold. Great for the autumn, winter and spring season. Drink 1 per day for 3 days.
Boil 2 cups of water
Cut 2-3 slices of ginger in the water. Let soak
Drink warm
Happy Monday from Barcelona!


Ayurveda Friday- Plum Dessert

Today's recepie is another yummy dessert to go with your friday Plums! VPK can enjoy this once in a while and due to ghee and Jaggery sugar good for all doshas. 
Cut 4-6 plums (1-2port)
Heat in pan with
1 teaspoon Ghee - good for digestion
1 teaspoon Cinnamon - warming
Jaggery sugar after taste
Top of with 1 tablespoon organic vanilla ice creme 🍑 🍦 (optional)


Ayurveda Friday-Apple Yummy

Friday Recepie again! 🍎🍏Apples! They get me every autumn, these yummy red organic apples🍁🍂Apples are best eaten warm in Ayurveda. This recepie is for VPK and can be eaten as dessert or mid-day snack. 
Peel and cut 2-3 apples. Warm in a pan with cinnamon, clove, ginger in powder and some jaggery sugar. Add water to boil up. Top of with almonds (energy booster) Enjoy!


Ayurveda Monday - Autumn

Ayurveda Monday ✨
Autumn has arrived in some parts of the world which translates to Vata dosha in Ayurveda. Vata is: Cold, Dry
Irregular in routines, apetite, sleep, thoughts and communication. Light and Subtile. Fast in thought, speech, movement. Tendency to irregular digestion or constipation. Tendency to worry and become anxious. Among other things. Now, during autumn and winter all of these above features increase in all of us no matter constitution. To keep balance (because imbalance is created when a property increases too much in body and mind) add the opposite to every feature above. Easy peasy 🌱Like hot to cold, moisture to dryness, routine to irregularity and so on.

Happy Autumn 🍃🍂🍁

Ayurveda Monday - Joints & Muscles

Ayurveda Monday & the amazing fenugreek. Today’s Tip is to soak 1 teaspoon of fenugreek in one glas of water before sleep. Drink the water and chew the seeds in the morning. This is great for Vata ache and pain in your joints/muscles/body. Do this 2-3 days and notice how the warming sensation relaxes you. Good Luck!

Ayurveda Friday - Almond Drink

Ayurveda Friday - Night Cap is Almond Milk. Great for autumn nights and VK and in moderation for Pitta.
Boil 2 dl of milk (oat)
Add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
Add chopped sweet almonds
Drink warm!


Ayurveda Friday - Cooling Tea

Ayurveda Friday - Ayurvedic Pitta Tea 🔆This tea is cooling and soothing for the ever so hot Pitta or anyone feeling the heat from inside out at the moment. It is yummy! 
1 liter of cold water
1 teaspoon of fennel seeds
1 teaspoon coriander (powder) 
1 teaspoon of liquorice powder
20 raisins
Kandy sugar after taste. Mix and let cool in refrigerator during night. Filter and drink during the day everyday or as often as you like during summer. Enjoy cold!

Ayurveda Friday - Exotic Fruit Sallad

Ayurveda Friday Recipe
Today sweet and cooling fruit sallad🍉🍈🥥. Great tastes for both Vata and Pitta but in moderation for Kapha. I am inspired by the heat so think exotic 😍 
1/2 sweet pineapple
1-2 mangos
1/2 papaya
Chop fruit into larger pieces and put in a bowl. Mix 1 teaspoon rosewater with 1 dl of coconut flakes and sprinkle over fruit. Top with 1-2 coriander leaves. Enjoy your breakfast!

Ayurveda Monday - Pitta Summer

Ayurveda Monday! Since it is summer and actually warm outside 🔆🙏🏻 lets look at how we can keep it cool enough to not burnout, as Pitta has a tendency to do with too much heat, spice and drive. 
Wake up no later than 6.00-7.00
Relax Relax Relax
Daily selfmassage with coconut oil/fat on body and head (optional but very cooling). Shower in lukewarm water after massage.
Integrate cooling food and drink, tastes of sweet and bitter rather than salt, sour and strong. Coriander, saffron, coconut, sweet fruit, cardamom, all greens, ice cream (eco), vanilla, rice, quinoa, hirs and more
Relax Relax Relax
Wash your feet in cold water before sleep to get a cooling affect
Sleep before 22.00

Ayurveda Monday - Routines


Ayurvedic Tip Monday! 
Ayurveda divides the day in VPK. Today we will look at a routine suited for all 🌱
Morning 6.00-10.00 Kapha:
Wake up no later than 6.00
Scrape tongue & wash teeth
Sit in silence
Practice Yoga
Eat a small but warm breakfast
Day 10.00-14.00 Pitta:
Working hours - naturally you get a lot done with high focus due to Pitta
Eat your largest meal here
Afternoon 14.00-18.00 Vata: 
Creative/Creating hours - naturally you will feel good changing tasks here from full focus and structure to something more creative and practical. Try it if you!
Night 18.00-22.00 Kapha:
Start letting go of the day. Relax. Slow down. Prepare for the night
Eat a small but warm dinner
Sleep no later than 22.00
Good Luck!

Ayurveda Friday - Laddu

Laddu 🤤Laddus decreases Pitta and Vata but increases Kapha. 
150 g ghee
400 g chickpea flour
4 tablespoon chopped almonds
2 tablespoon coconut
150g Sharkara sugar
1 teaspoon cardamom
Melt the ghee on low heat. Add chickpea flour and stir for 10-15min. Add everything besides the sugar and stir for 2 more minutes. Take of the heat and add the sugar, mixing thoroughly. Let cool and then form your balls. Enjoy!