Ayurveda Monday - Pitta Summer

Ayurveda Monday! Since it is summer and actually warm outside πŸ”†πŸ™πŸ» lets look at how we can keep it cool enough to not burnout, as Pitta has a tendency to do with too much heat, spice and drive. 
Wake up no later than 6.00-7.00
Relax Relax Relax
Daily selfmassage with coconut oil/fat on body and head (optional but very cooling). Shower in lukewarm water after massage.
Integrate cooling food and drink, tastes of sweet and bitter rather than salt, sour and strong. Coriander, saffron, coconut, sweet fruit, cardamom, all greens, ice cream (eco), vanilla, rice, quinoa, hirs and more
Relax Relax Relax
Wash your feet in cold water before sleep to get a cooling affect
Sleep before 22.00